Aluminum foil lunch box


Guohong responsibility

Guohong aluminum foil: "aluminum foil into thousands of households, health and environmental protection never stop"

Guohong Aluminum Foil Technology Co., Ltd. has developed steadily in its business and achieved good results in operating income year after year. While focusing on its own development, it has a strong sense of social responsibility. Guohong Aluminum Foil Technology Co., Ltd. will gradually strengthen and expand the corporate brand in the win-win situation with its partners, realize the double harvest of social and economic benefits, and achieve the goal of large enterprises and sincere teams!

Guohong Jingyuan

The world changes because of Guohong, and Guohong changes because of customers.

Guohong Mission

Improve the industry level, create core values, and become the industry leader.

Guohong Values

Learning, autonomy, thinking, collaboration, mutual assistance, facing difficulties, accumulating accumulation, winning by skill, winning by quality, and winning by service.

Guohong Spirit

Integrity, dedication, collaboration and innovation.

Guohong employees

Create value for the society, create profits for the company, create happiness for the family, and create space for yourself.

Guohong Management

Modern management awareness, efficient management organization; professional management of management personnel, scientific management objectives; democratization of management methods, computerized management methods.

Guohong Vision

Based on China, looking at the world: Originated from China, shining globally.

Guohong hope

Speed, passion, sunshine, dream, transcendence.