Aluminum foil lunch box

Performance of aluminum foil lunch boxes and containers

2020-08-24 16:10:10

The aluminum foil disposable lunch box has excellent oil and water resistance and is easy to recycle after it is discarded. This type of packaging can quickly reheat the food and maintain the fresh taste of the food.

All kinds of food lunch boxes produced by aluminum foil, aviation lunch boxes currently generally adopt foreign new and most scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology, the products are beautiful, elegant and luxurious, and the fast food grade is improved. The current heat-sealable, high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization aluminum foil lunch box is also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, dense cans, sauces, jams and processed cheese, coffee milk, vegetarian paste and other products that require long shelf life The sealed packaging can also be used in non-food applications and industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry. The advantages of aluminum foil packaging containers, low weight and storage volume and low transportation costs, "aluminum foil lid" is easy to open, 100% barrier layer, high product protection, high temperature sterilization / pasteurization.

Application of aluminum foil lunch box in microwave oven

Whether it is cooked food or homemade food, cooking and reheating in the microwave is quick and convenient. The use of aluminum foil lunch boxes ensures the freshness of the food.

Performance of aluminum foil lunch box in microwave oven

Ensure good and uniform heat transfer

Can be used on both traditional burners and microwave ovens

Can be used for barbecue

Protect food from scorching

Suitable for packaging of refrigerated, frozen and fresh food


Can be heated on the original packaging

Stable after cooking and heating

Safe, hygienic and reliable, the container heated at high temperature will not spill harmful substances to contaminate food

This is not possible with any disposable container


Only use aluminum foil lunch boxes that are no more than 3 cm thick (because the microwave can no longer pass through it)

The container must be filled with food. If it is not filled, there is a danger of scorching.

Always remove the aluminum foil cover, otherwise the food will not be heated. If the food must be covered. Please use a plate or microwave adhesive film.

Do remember that metal and metal cannot touch each other. The container can neither touch the furnace wall, door or bottom, nor other metal parts. In this way, the arc and possible losses to the microwave oven will be avoided. At the same time, do not use plates with gold and silver trims.

Always keep a distance of 2 cm between the aluminum foil lunch box and the furnace wall, or keep a distance from other aluminum foil lunch boxes. For example, the aluminum foil lunch box can be placed on a plate.

Increase cooking and heating time by about 10%, because food absorbs microwaves from above.

Do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil lunch boxes, and do not reuse aluminum foil lunch boxes. Please renew and recycle after cleaning.